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Establishment of a competition linked to the Daniele Fund, a young pharmacist from Turin, a lover of the history of pharmacy, who died during the WW2, with all his dreams and projects.
Participation is reserved for young researchers born not before 1987, who will be able to attend the congress by paying a reduced fee.

- Free theme, but strictly linked to the study absolutely unpublished of documents unknown, which gives the competitor the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to deal with research on original sources.
Therefore, no theses, reports, or research already submitted or published can be accepted.
It is not allowed to submit essays e.g. relying on recently defended PhD theses, communications or journal publications.
- The paper, in English, will have to be submitted for a first evaluation to the Society of the History of Pharmacy of the competitor's country, which will send the selected papers to the country promoting the
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by December 31, 2021 in order to face the organizational and technical unknowns in time.
- Among the studies received, the Italian Academy of History of Pharmacy will select 20 papers.
- The 20 papers will then be submitted to the evaluation of an international scientific commission composed by the President of the International Society, the President of the International Academy and the President of the Italian Academy of History of Pharmacy to reduce the number of finalists to 10.
The commission will assign a score

  • ORIGINALITY up to 10 points
  • APPROACH up to 10 points
  • EXPOSITION up to 10 points

clarity of writing and concreteness of concepts.
Will be excluded studies for which will not be recognized REFERENCE OF RESEARCH TO HISTORY OF PHARMACY.
The 10 finalists will be able to attend the congress free of charge to present their research and among them the three winners will be chosen, who will receive

  • 1st place € 2,000
  • 2nd place € 1.500
  • 3rd place € 1.000

The eventual oral presentation at the congress
can be made in one of the official languages of
the event (English, French, German and

All manuscript have be submitted in word  format, double spaced, using Times New Roman font, point size 12.
Text word limit: 5000*
Summary word limit: 400
Reference limit: 100.
*Excluding summary, references, tables and figures
Manuscript structure
1) Title page should contain the following:
Title; Name and surname; Affiliation; e-mail
2) Summary page
3) Text
4) References

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